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This free service helps you to generate a Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum address QR code to share with your friends or embed on your website donation page. Hope you enjoy it.

We also run a cryptocurrency news service called CoinBuzz. It is the altcoins news aggregator. CoinBuzz gives you an easy access to the most important events from the cryptocurrency world. It gets popular links from many services like Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk and more. Thus monitoring the recent happenings about Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Ripple is a breeze.

We also invite you join our community: CryptoHeresy. CryptoHeresy is a friendly place to discuss all things Bitcoin. We have forums for beginners and any silly questions, for experienced traders to discuss their strategies, for Ethereum developers, for miners. Our activists create excellent guides and organize cool competitions.
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Thanks to Larsjung https://larsjung.de/kjua/ for the great QR code generating plugin.

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